Sunday, January 13, 2013

The south bay surfers

time for a repost from the old stuff I deleted...why? Had to work today no time to convert vinyl...but you will love this!! The south bay surfers.. A long time ago I wrote them on myspace asking to buy their 45..I got a message back calling me an ugly mother "you know what" and stupid canadian, give me your I did..and this came a couple of weeks later...sources not close to me say they were all institutionalized at one point...I believe it...the drum kit says "unsane"

Saturday, January 12, 2013

the portsmouth sinfonia 20 rock classics

mmmm yes finally evilpainclown has music for the highbrow longhair set..yes some fine orchestrations of the classic rock!! hmmm the fly on the sleeve tells it all on this wonderfull slab Yes portsmouth once had brian eno of roxy music fame..I have no idea why he left? this slab of wonderfullness comes from 1979..hmmmm fave track.....leader of the pack sung by the sinfonettes, fine upper class gals with a taste of honey in their mouths...rock around the clock took me a few seconds to recognize..but yup good ole bill would be spinning in his grave..perhaps all the way to china....Portsmouth sinfonia was founded on the fact that everyone has music in them ...the talented..and ones who never ever picked up an shows..boy does it ever..I have all there records , including the stars on 45 version they released in 1981, on the springtime label..oh yea there version of telstar is out of this world....and still better then joe meeks demo warbling...whic i will also include just to make you terribly strap on the tux...cover yourself with a spreadable cheese and see how the sideways class lives...ladies and hobos...the portsmouth sinfonia (copy paste to download,click different tunes to download the one chosen) .............................................................and now joe meek warbling through telstar.....................copy paste to download.......................


probably one of the most important record of the seventies..the last poets with their words set to african drum, words of revolution, and of the horrors they see around them.this is not blacksploitation..It is the opposite of that.this is not get christie love or dolamite..this is serious, its straight and to the this record. (copy paste to download)

Monday, January 7, 2013

how to speak

Del Close and John Brent bring you this novelty record on "how to speak hip" Like crazy dad..this record is straight from the fridge, dig? I mean pull it into the curb dad, and check your ears..learn something..just play this technological slab, in your pad...and just its whats happening..know what I mean? just know copy paste..its that you know?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beatsville...Rod Mckeuen

Well what can I say about this album...coool..Three songs foe s and bird boy are my faves here,I was looking for this record for awhile, I think it is one of my fave covers of all closed!!Good ole rod does not disappoint here, great little poems of the beat generation, though I dont know how much of a beat he was...since he did do that novelty number "beat generation" too which richard hell and stray cats stole the lick from...listen and you will hear it...richard hell did "blank generation" while stray cats did stray cat strut..anywhoo ,,this is beats ville, a great collection to sit back and groove too in your you know? copy you know? just dig.........

Deep throat...the sound track..

Now dont gag, pardon the pun..Yes Deep throat the soundtrack, there is some dialog, and some wacka wacka chi bow wow, A cover of love is strange.."love is strange..some people get it in the mouth"...yup..we all know the controversy behind this porno, linda was forced to do it..then she said no...then she said yes...who knows the here is the soundtrack 30 minutes a side, enjoy!! to download ..copy paste he he paste..

Yes..buddah drinks coffee

He will also put you on hold as he glues the plains together..Well you want hippie chick who obviously took way too much drugs..robots from pluto...moon drinkin buddah...magic witches ghosties and trolls with maniac laughter..Its all here folks,I can go on and on...maybe with tablas and sitars, just like this gypsy moonchild..oohhh but I wont...just listen..and ask many hits of acid did she do when she recorded this? copy paste the link..copy now!! for download!!

aaaarrrrgg spooky stuff

Now I didnt back by popular demand..being just me here is a repost of 150 horror related songs..from my collection, and from around the web!!!! copy paste to download it seems some links are broken so too bad yup I am evil

from Karim to killimanjaro

lets start with some nice music..KArim..Insha allah..Karim was a egyption fellow living in Montreal Quebec..This album.. perfumed garden of allah is filled with hokey middle eastern tunes for the west..the lyrics on this funny stuff, then I have "the manhatten brothers" singing I love this song!!"go out all day hunting elephant and lion", man this guys got guts!!of course you really cant understand what the hell they are singing unless you play it a couple a nice bert kaempfrt afrikkan beat anywhoo I have to look at the 45 to make sure i got everything correct..but to lazy copy paste link to get the songs!!!
Well kids, I deleted everything!!!Going to start anew!!with the greatest rocknroll, and the oddest of the audio some good ole fashioned novelty music!!!